Michigan pot proposal stymied by signature stalemate

May 16, 2016: Jonathan Oosting, Detroit News Lansing Bureau 1:24 p.m. EDT May 12, 2016 Lansing — An increasingly long-shot effort to put a marijuana legalization measure on Michigan’s 2016 ballot suffered another setback Thursday, when the Board of State Canvassers deadlocked on a policy … [Read more...]

Proposed city marijuana ordinance under scrutiny

May 16, 2016: Eric Lacy, Lansing State Journal 9:55 p.m. EDT May 13, 2016 Interim City Attorney F. Jospeh Abood reviews 28 questions, concerns in a meeting that drew about 50 people. Law Department to meet with Police Department next week to discus enforcement issues LANSING -- A medical … [Read more...]

Marijuana on the road

May 12, 2016: One of the burning questions about cannabis use is: How high is too high when operating a motor vehicle? It's befuddling to the legal system, as driving law is not moving as quickly as marijuana law. Many want to establish a "per se" level of THC in someone's blood that … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Your Next Edibles Should Be Cooked Sous-Vide

May 9, 2016: With the advent of consumer-grade sous-vide machines from companies like Anova, Sansaire, and Nomiku, getting started with this method of cooking has never been easier or more affordable. If you’re unfamiliar with sous-vide, it's is a technique where food is sealed in plastic … [Read more...]

Marijuana debate goes mobile as ‘magic number’ for driving while stoned sought

May 5, 2016: LANSING, MI — How much marijuana makes someone too impaired to drive a vehicle? The answer isn't easy to find, but it's one more than 100 lawmakers are set on finding. The Michigan House are seeking a study to find the "magic number" of how much marijuana in a driver's blood … [Read more...]

Michigan House votes to study marijuana limit for drivers

April 26, 2016: The Michigan House moved Tuesday to get a recommendation on setting a legal limit for driving under the influence of marijuana. LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan House moved Tuesday to get a recommendation on setting a legal limit for driving under the influence of … [Read more...]

How to Customize Your Cannabis High with Temperature

April 28, 2016: Many cannabis consumers think that customizing their cannabis buzz is limited to the strains they have on their shelves, but temperature is an equally important factor. Think of temperature control as the key to unlocking whatever effects a strain can offer. A strain that’s … [Read more...]

Marijuana-Based Drug Found to Reduce Epileptic Seizures

March 15, 2016: An experimental drug derived from marijuana has succeeded in reducing epileptic seizures in its first major clinical trial, the product’s developer announced on Monday, a finding that could lend credence to the medical marijuana movement. The developer, GW Pharmaceuticals, said … [Read more...]

NORML ‘abruptly’ loses donation processing services: Is marijuana prejudice to blame?

March 7, 2016: Is “prejudice against marijuana” to blame for NORML’s financial services termination? The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), one of the oldest and largest nonprofit, pro-marijuana legalization public interest lobbies in the United States, has … [Read more...]

Senate bill introduced that would loosen marijuana laws in Michigan

March 9, 2016: KALAMAZOO (WKZO-AM) -- State Sen. Coleman Young II, D-Detroit, has introduced legislation that would decriminalize the sale, possession and cultivation of marijuana in Michigan. Young claims current laws disproportionately affect African-Americans, who are three times as … [Read more...]

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