CannaPac is a political action committee formed under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act for the purpose of making campaign contributions to candidates for state and local elections who support Michigan’s voter initiated medical marijuana law.
CannaPac may also be used to make expenditures in support of ballot questions and to make independent expenditures on behalf of candidates who are supportive of the medical marijuana community.
We believe that politicians will take the concerns of the medical marijuana community more seriously if there is a vehicle to assist candidates who support the community’s goals. This is the reason for the existence of CannaPac. Obviously, the more money we are able to raise for participation in Michigan elections, the more likely we will be to protect Michigan’s medical marijuana act and to prevent local jurisdictions from passing ordinances which seek to thwart its goals.
The medical marijuana community is currently largely on the defensive. Fortunately, the medical marijuana act cannot be amended without 3/4 of each chamber of the Michigan legislature approving any change. If we raise enough money, we hope to be able to expand our role from pure defense to taking the initiative with such projects as local initiatives that protect the rights extended by the medical marijuana act and possible recalls of officials who are particularly driven to ignore the will of the people as represented by the electorate’s approval of the medical marijuana initiative.
CannaPac is not controlled by Cannabis Patients United, and any individual may contribute to this PAC. There are no limits on the size of contributions that may be made to CannaPac. If you wish to make a contribution, please send it to:
404 S. Jenison Ave.
Lansing, Mi. 48915
If your contribution is over $100, state law requires that you disclose your employer.
If you have any questions about CannaPac, please direct them to


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