Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose  

 Cannabis Patients United (“CPU”) is a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation.  Its members are committed to maintaining the core principles of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (“MMMA”) and to ensuring that the provisions of the MMMA are applied fairly and as intended.  CPU’s members include patients, caregivers, attorneys, physicians and business professionals.

 Formed out of the necessity to ensure proper implementation and understanding of the MMMA, CPU has worked with state and local representatives, prosecutors, law enforcement and health officials to achieve our goals.  CPU believes in common sense interpretations of the MMMA, and insists that the plain language of the Act must be interpreted in a manner to protect the individuals for whom it was written – the patients.

 CPU recognizes that when the MMMA was overwhelmingly approved by Michigan voters in 2008 the voters expressed their intent to protect patients who need marijuana as a medicine as well as their caregivers.  CPU consists of and represents patients, caregivers, physicians and other affiliated businesses that stand committed to the principles of professionalism, honest and ethical business practices, fairness, compassion, and respect for the law. It is CPU’s position that the key to the proper implementation of the Act is to provide education to community leaders, state legislators and the law enforcement community.




l. CPU believes the law as passed by the voters is satisfactory and we do not support any effort to amend or change it in any way: We oppose any attempt to reopen the MMMA.

2. CPU believes the Medical Cannabis community needs to be able to defend itself from opponents that could be elected to higher office. Such individuals could make life very difficult for patients, caregivers, physicians and legitimate businesspersons who are providing services to the community

3. On an immediate day-to-day level, CPU is the eyes and ears of the community; maintaining constant vigilance for any threats that emerge from state legislators, interest groups or regulatory authorities that could be hostile to the MMMA.

4. CPU is officially neutral on the issue of “dispensaries.” These entities are not mentioned in the MMMA one way or another.




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