State lawmakers turn grass into campaign cash

November 24 2015: Michigan's medical marijuana law is a mess and dispensaries are popping up like, well, weeds and patients, police and politicians say something needs to change. For the second year in a row, lawmakers are promising action  in the meantime, FOX 2 found that their campaign … [Read more...]

Michigan Prosecutors Pressured Lab on Medical Marijuana Results

Nov. 14 2015: THE MICHIGAN STATE POLICE Forensic Science Division finds itself embroiled in scandal as newly released emails paint a picture of a crime lab in turmoil over how to classify marijuana. Attorneys and medical marijuana advocates accuse Michigan prosecutors of pressuring the … [Read more...]

Michigan police propose changes to medical pot dispensary bill, end of caregiver model

November 11, 2015: LANSING, MI — Michigan law enforcement officials are not fully backing plans to overhaul the state's medical marijuana system, but unlike last year, they aren't standing in the way of proposed legislation. "While law enforcement cannot support any legislation that by … [Read more...]

Keego Harbor legalizes marijuana use, possession

November 4, 2015: Legal marijuana? It made its way to another Michigan community in Tuesday's election. Voters in Keego Harbor made marijuana legal for adults. It was among many key proposals that passed in Tuesday's election across metro Detroit. The marijuana proposals -- legalizing the … [Read more...]

Where the 2016 presidential candidates stand on marijuana

October 28, 2015: Legalization has become a sticky issue in the 2016 election. (Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News) When the candidates take the stage in Boulder, Colo., on Wednesday night for the third Republican debate, they will do so in a state that effectively became the premiere test case for … [Read more...]

Michigan marijuana legalization groups confident in cash backing for petition drives

October 26, 2015: LANSING, MI — Competing groups racing to put marijuana legalization questions on Michigan's 2016 ballot claim they are raising enough cash to get to the finish line, but one has temporarily "paused" signature collection and both still have miles to go. The Michigan … [Read more...]

Insurer wins suit over fire, pot in Bay City basement

Detroit — An insurance company can recover more than $130,000 from a Bay City woman whose home burned down when her then-husband smoked marijuana oil in the basement, an appeals court said Tuesday. Brien Mathews had a medical marijuana card and could grow pot for others. But Nationwide … [Read more...]

The Impact of Big Money in the Marijuana Legalization Movement

One indisputable fact is that big-money interests have now surfaced in a number of states, seeking to influence the type of legalization adopted in specific states, and to profit from the legal marijuana market. We should not be surprised that the economic appeal of legalizing marijuana would … [Read more...]

Same Struggles, New Approach: Marijuana Reform Bills Enter Congress

Friday marked a monumental day for the House as Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) filed bills that aim to change the legal nature of marijuana in the both on the domestic front as well as globally. Working in tandem, these bills take a multifaceted approach to … [Read more...]

Police seize property and cash in questionable raids

Police seized more than $24 million in assets from Michiganders in 2013, under asset forfeiture laws. In many cases the citizens were never charged with a crime but lost their property anyway. Thomas Williams was alone that November morning in 2013 when police raided his rural St. Joseph County … [Read more...]

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