Marijuana debate goes mobile as ‘magic number’ for driving while stoned sought

May 5, 2016: LANSING, MI — How much marijuana makes someone too impaired to drive a vehicle? The answer isn't easy to find, but it's one more than 100 lawmakers are set on finding. The Michigan House are seeking a study to find the "magic number" of how much marijuana in a driver's blood … [Read more...]

Senate bill introduced that would loosen marijuana laws in Michigan

March 9, 2016: KALAMAZOO (WKZO-AM) -- State Sen. Coleman Young II, D-Detroit, has introduced legislation that would decriminalize the sale, possession and cultivation of marijuana in Michigan. Young claims current laws disproportionately affect African-Americans, who are three times as … [Read more...]

Michigan medical marijuana regulation vote postponed after heated debate

December 9, 2015: Michigan’s Senate Judiciary Committee had planned to vote Tuesday on a package of bills to regulate the state’s medical marijuana industry, but after a long, heated debate, two committee members had to leave early to attend a funeral and the vote was postponed, as … [Read more...]

State lawmakers turn grass into campaign cash

November 24 2015: Michigan's medical marijuana law is a mess and dispensaries are popping up like, well, weeds and patients, police and politicians say something needs to change. For the second year in a row, lawmakers are promising action  in the meantime, FOX 2 found that their campaign … [Read more...]

Michigan Legislature OKs bills to target drugged driving

LANSING The Michigan Legislature has given final approval to bills designed to give police more tools to arrest drivers under the influence of drugs. The legislation sent to Gov. Rick Snyder Thursday would allow a preliminary roadside analysis not just for suspected alcohol use but also for … [Read more...]

Bill introduced in Congress would fix conflict between state, federal marijuana laws

SEATTLE — A bill introduced in Congress on Friday would fix the conflict between the federal government’s marijuana prohibition and state laws that allow medical or recreational use. California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said his bill, which has three Republican and three Democratic … [Read more...]

Doors Swing Open For Marijuana On Capitol Hill

Advocates for the legalization of marijuana plan to step up their political giving and lobbying efforts now that members of Congress are taking an interest in changing federal drug laws. The lobbyists say lawmakers who wouldn’t give them the time of day are suddenly interested in meeting with … [Read more...]

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