Michigan pot proposal stymied by signature stalemate

May 16, 2016: Jonathan Oosting, Detroit News Lansing Bureau 1:24 p.m. EDT May 12, 2016 Lansing — An increasingly long-shot effort to put a marijuana legalization measure on Michigan’s 2016 ballot suffered another setback Thursday, when the Board of State Canvassers deadlocked on a policy … [Read more...]

Marijuana debate goes mobile as ‘magic number’ for driving while stoned sought

May 5, 2016: LANSING, MI — How much marijuana makes someone too impaired to drive a vehicle? The answer isn't easy to find, but it's one more than 100 lawmakers are set on finding. The Michigan House are seeking a study to find the "magic number" of how much marijuana in a driver's blood … [Read more...]

Medical marijuana lawyers want state crime lab moved out of Michigan State Police

December 28, 2015: A group of criminal defense attorneys says the Michigan State Police (MSP) should no longer oversee the state crime lab. “We in Michigan accept the idea we’ve got a Michigan State Police crime lab. That is inherently problematic. But we accept it, because that’s how … [Read more...]

Pot credit union begs for access to nation’s banks

December 29, 2015: Ban forces producers to operate cash-only DENVER — The booming marijuana industry went to a federal judge Monday seeking an answer to the problem that has vexed business owners trying to emerge from the black market: Now that pot is legal and taxed in some states, why … [Read more...]

Gr. Rapids pot law stands after high court takes a pass

December 12, 2015: GRAND RAPIDS — The Michigan Supreme Court won’t intervene in a dispute over a Grand Rapids law that makes possession of small amounts of marijuana a civil offense similar to a traffic ticket. In an order released Saturday, the court declined to take an appeal from … [Read more...]

Michigan medical marijuana patients can’t smoke in parked cars at public places, court rules

November 25, 2015: LANSING, MI — Registered medical marijuana patients cannot smoke the drug in their own car while parked outside a private business that is open to the general public, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday. An appeals court panel, in a 2-1 decision, concluded … [Read more...]

Appeals court: Medical pot users can get unemployment

October 24, 2014: In a breakthrough decision for those who say marijuana is medicine and not a dangerous drug, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Friday that workers who are state-approved users of medical marijuana should get unemployment compensation if fired solely for testing positive for … [Read more...]

Insurer wins suit over fire, pot in Bay City basement

Detroit — An insurance company can recover more than $130,000 from a Bay City woman whose home burned down when her then-husband smoked marijuana oil in the basement, an appeals court said Tuesday. Brien Mathews had a medical marijuana card and could grow pot for others. But Nationwide … [Read more...]

Marijuana leaves legal experts confused, looking to state Supreme Court to clear the haze

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - You don't have to be stoned to have trouble understanding the hazy tapestry of laws and ordinances governing marijuana in Michigan. Not that long ago, understanding marijuana law was easy. It was illegal and possessing it could land a first-time offender in jail for … [Read more...]

Only dried marijuana counts, says appeals court

MILLINGTON – The Michigan appeals court has overturned a drug conviction in Tuscola County, saying not all marijuana is equal, especially in a medical marijuana case. Sheriff’s deputies found marijuana in Johnnie Randall’s pickup truck and dozens of plants at a building in Millington, … [Read more...]

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