Marijuana leaves legal experts confused, looking to state Supreme Court to clear the haze

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - You don't have to be stoned to have trouble understanding the hazy tapestry of laws and ordinances governing marijuana in Michigan. Not that long ago, understanding marijuana law was easy. It was illegal and possessing it could land a first-time offender in jail for … [Read more...]

Decriminalized marijuana upheld for Grand Rapids

LANSING — The Michigan Court of Appeals has given those pushing to legalize marijuana a small victory. The court upheld a decision by the Kent County Circuit Court that a local city charter amendment passed by voters in Grand Rapids to decriminalize possession was legal. The Kent County … [Read more...]

Grand Rapids decriminalization of marijuana stands – Kent County prosecutor loses

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- A Kent County judge today ruled that a voter-approved amendment to decriminalize marijuana is valid. At the same time, Judge Paul Sullivan dismissed Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth's effort to nullify the charter amendment. Sullivan on Monday, May 6, ruled that … [Read more...]

Medical marijuana: Authorities target dispensaries after Michigan Supreme Court ruling

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Medical marijuana dispensaries in Grand Rapids have come under fire after a state Supreme Court ruling appears to have outlawed the businesses. Two people associated with dispensaries have been arrested and face three drug-related charges. Warrants have been issued for two … [Read more...]

Supporters of marijuana leniency net legal victories

After years of legal setbacks in Michigan, supporters of more lenient laws for marijuana and medical marijuana had reasons to cheer this week. In Grand Rapids, a judge ruled Wednesday against the Kent County prosecutor's effort to block a new city charter amendment that would dramatically reduce … [Read more...]

ACLU weighs in on marijuana decriminalization case in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The ACLU of Michigan has filed a brief in a case that temporarily has halted marijuana decriminalization in the city. A hearing on the suit filed by Kent County Prosecutor Bill Forsyth is scheduled 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 9 in Grand Rapids. The ACLU argues that ballot … [Read more...]

Michigan cities challenging marijuana reform, despite voters’ wishes

Political organizers behind easing laws against marijuana use have been quietly cheering since November. That's when voters in Detroit and four other Michigan cities -- as well as residents of Colorado and Washington state -- passed referendums to reduce penalties for possession of the drug and, … [Read more...]

Michigan court rules collective marijuana growing illegal

Man let others grow plants in his warehouse GRAND RAPIDS — Michigan’s medical marijuana law does not allow a collective grow operation, the state Supreme Court said Wednesday in the case of a Grand Rapids man who gave warehouse space to others to raise pot. The unanimous decision provides … [Read more...]

Grand Rapids voters decriminalize marijuana, Kent County prosecutor sues

Update 9:00p.m. - There's a growing crowd of people who say they'll protest the prosecutor's decision in Grand Rapids on Thursday. The event was posted on facebook this evening. The City of Grand Rapids was ready to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana this week. But a Kent … [Read more...]

Effective date set for marijuana decriminalization in Grand Rapids By Matt Vande Bunte | on November 08, 2012 at 5:40 PM, updated November 08, 2012 at 6:29 PM GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Marijuana decriminalization will take effect Dec. 6, city … [Read more...]

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