Michigan medical marijuana regulation vote postponed after heated debate

December 9, 2015: Michigan’s Senate Judiciary Committee had planned to vote Tuesday on a package of bills to regulate the state’s medical marijuana industry, but after a long, heated debate, two committee members had to leave early to attend a funeral and the vote was postponed, as … [Read more...]

Medical pot regulations face pushback in Senate hearing, military vet tossed in heated exchange

December 8, 2015: LANSING, MI — Medical marijuana activists spoke out Tuesday against a proposal to license and tax dispensaries, arguing the legislation would drive up patient prices and force out registered caregivers. A lengthy debate in the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee ended … [Read more...]

Medical marijuana may go the way of alcohol in Michigan Senate

December 8, 2015: LANSING, MI — Michigan would create a tiered system for medical marijuana growers, distributors and retailers under evolving legislation up for a likely vote Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, said Monday medical pot bills approved … [Read more...]

Marijuana grants help educate police

November 27, 2015: Drug task force units in St. Clair and Sanilac counties received $41,740 and $18,483 respectively in medical marijuana grant money in 2015, according to a Sept. 25 report from the state department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The money was awarded to four … [Read more...]

State lawmakers turn grass into campaign cash

November 24 2015: Michigan's medical marijuana law is a mess and dispensaries are popping up like, well, weeds and patients, police and politicians say something needs to change. For the second year in a row, lawmakers are promising action  in the meantime, FOX 2 found that their campaign … [Read more...]

Michigan medical marijuana patients can’t smoke in parked cars at public places, court rules

November 25, 2015: LANSING, MI — Registered medical marijuana patients cannot smoke the drug in their own car while parked outside a private business that is open to the general public, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday. An appeals court panel, in a 2-1 decision, concluded … [Read more...]

Appeals court: Medical pot users can get unemployment

October 24, 2014: In a breakthrough decision for those who say marijuana is medicine and not a dangerous drug, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Friday that workers who are state-approved users of medical marijuana should get unemployment compensation if fired solely for testing positive for … [Read more...]

Michigan Prosecutors Pressured Lab on Medical Marijuana Results

Nov. 14 2015: THE MICHIGAN STATE POLICE Forensic Science Division finds itself embroiled in scandal as newly released emails paint a picture of a crime lab in turmoil over how to classify marijuana. Attorneys and medical marijuana advocates accuse Michigan prosecutors of pressuring the … [Read more...]

Michigan police propose changes to medical pot dispensary bill, end of caregiver model

November 11, 2015: LANSING, MI — Michigan law enforcement officials are not fully backing plans to overhaul the state's medical marijuana system, but unlike last year, they aren't standing in the way of proposed legislation. "While law enforcement cannot support any legislation that by … [Read more...]

DETROIT Pot jobless case appeals declined

November 6, 2015: People fired in Michigan for using medical marijuana can collect unemployment benefits after the state Supreme Court turned down appeals in two cases. The court declined to hear appeals that could have overturned a 2014 state appeals court decision. A brief order was … [Read more...]

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